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Power of Marketing

Power of Marketing

You can’t sell a secret! Getting your property maximum exposure is key in being able to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Ray White Unlimited takes into consideration each individual vendors needs when designing their marketing campaign tailoring it to the property and the vendors specific requirements.

On-line Marketing

On-line marketing in today’s society, this is  becoming more and more vital in your marketing strategy. With so many tools at your buyers fingertips, making sure your property is on-line and easy to find is crucial in attracting the right buyer for your home. Our website, combined with leading real estate portals,, and consistently generate high traffic volumes and enquiries straight from their fingertips to ours. But the real goal is for ALL marketing to be linked, a superior on-line strategy is about connecting all forms of marketing – a net cast out and designed to capture every buyer in the market place. We are continually refining our strategy in this arena, striving to stay at the cutting edge of practicality and technology.

Print Media

Print Media gives you access to potential buyers all over Sydney. Whether it be the local paper working to attract the local buyers, or the Sydney Morning Herald which covers all of Sydney, each individual aspect of Print Media has a vital role in projecting your property out to the market place.


Signage is your 24 hour on-site advertisement. Attracting local buyers or visitors into the area, a signboard is an extremely important selling tool that works hard for your property morning, noon and night. Further, each board is custom fitted with weather resistant holders for the Eastern Suburbs ‘Living East’ Magazine. Constantly refilled throughout your campaign, a great distributor advertising your property through EVERY one of our signboards.

Target Area Marketing

Target area marketing focuses on the surrounding area of your property as a lot of buyers want to stay in the same area that they currently live in. Statistically, over 70% of buyers are procured from the local area. Your buyer could be closer than you think!

Living East Magazine

This high quality publication offers unequalled exposure with magazines distributed across the Eastern Suburbs! Printed weekly to tie in with YOUR campaign, it is available in all of our signboards, in every Ray White office reception and numerous key outlets such as cafes, doctors surgeries, solicitors offices, lenders, tennis courts, shops etc.

Weekly E-Newsletter

Our weekly E-newsletter keeps our large database constantly informed of our current and upcoming properties is another way we make sure that we have all bases covered when it comes to informing our ever-growing list of buyers about your property as soon as it hits the market.

Our 24 hour plasma window display

Our office location is a definite advantage when working with our office. Pedestrian traffic is constant and having a professional flash animation window display “stops traffic” and gives your property a chance to shine. With around the clock screening, this is a key aspect of our marketing exposure for your property.

These are just some of the tool’s Ray White Unlimited uses to attract the right buyer to your property. We are committed to keeping up to speed with all facets of marketing whether it be print media, signage, target area marketing, online marketing or the new and ever-growing social network media. We have it all covered!