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Power of Marketing

Unlimited Marketing Technology

Technology has been the biggest change to marketing in our industry – and of course to all of our lives in general. Ray White Unlimited is committed to staying in touch with this ever-evolving marketing tool. We are always looking at ways to stay at the forefront in areas where we see a real and practical application – avoiding ‘novelty’ is often the trick.

Social Networking Phenomenon

With social networking sites taking over the on-line world, it is paramount that we stay on top of this popular way of communicating. As peoples lives get busier they are turning to these sites in order to keep up to date and informed about almost everything and that includes real estate. We are marketing our properties through an even broader medium than in the past with the likes of facebook, YouTube and Twitter becoming an important part of our on-line marketing strategy. A professional agent talk-through video of your property (should you choose this option in your marketing campaign) is uploaded to all 3 of these social networking sites as well as the usual property sites, spreading your catchment area of buyers even further than ever before.

Access to on-line Property Data

Giving our clients the most informative and knowledgeable advice about the current market and how it affects their property is our primary goal. With access to property data websites, we can keep up to date with this vital information and pass this on to you, our client.

Our inbox is portable

We understand that our job isn’t just about sitting at a desk in front of a computer, we are constantly on the road or at properties, that’s why at Ray White Unlimited we make sure that our agents have access to their emails while they are on the go. For example, if a potential buyer requests a contract for your property and we are on the road, we can just simply send it to them from our Blackberry or iPhone direct to their inbox in seconds eliminating any delay.

Reports on how many buyers view your property

Statistics are sometimes a great way to be able to gauge the on-line “popularity” of your property. We have access to backend reporting for all of our leading real estate websites that can show how many people have viewed your property that day or week, or even how many people called our office to get more information. Just another example of Ray White Unlimited wanting to be able to keep you as up to date as possible with your property’s progress throughout the campaign.

Technology is one thing that will continue to evolve and we are committed to remaining in the forefront of this ever-changing marketing tool.